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Video To Gif

Video to gif is a tool to convert a small portion of video clip into gif animation. From there, you can post to forum or send to friends to show off something fun.
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video to gif

video to gif

How to use:

  1. Select the video file you want to convert to gif.
  2. And then choose the start time and end time in the video that you want to convert to the gif. You can use the text box to fine tune the time for the region of the video.
  3. Change the fps value to specify how many frames a second that you want to have your gif to play at. The smaller the fps value is, the slower the animation will appear.
  4. If you don’t want all the frames, select from “use every x frames” drop down list to skip a few frames. Be aware that if you skip more frames, the faster the animation will appear. You’d better reduce the fps value to compensate for the frames you skipped here.
  5. Finally, use the drag bar to resize and set for the size of the final gif.
  6. Click the “Start” button to start create the gif, the gif will be auto named with the same name as your input video file and will be created in the same directory. If the conversion success, you can click on the file name to open the folder.

Cautious: The more frames you want to pack into the gif and the bigger size you specified for the gif, the longer time it will take to create the gif. So be prepared to wait for several minutes or even tens of minutes if this is your case.


  • drag and drop to specify the beginning and end of the video portion you want to convert to the gif
  • be able to fine tune the start and end of the video with text box
  • be able to specify the fps value that gif will be played back
  • be able to skip a few frames if not all that is useful
  • resize to the desired size for gif
  • preview of the frames
  • auto create the name of the gif file

Download below and start to use it now. Also feel free to leave comment below.
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Easy Screen Recorder

Easy Screen Recorder is a tool to recorder your computer screen activity into video file. You can use it to record your screen and show it to your friends or colleagues.

An easy way to start is do the recording and upload to youtube. And also you can share it on your blog. For the private stuff, send the video over email or with your favorite IM.

This program is very easy to use and totally free. Click the button below to download:

The Screen shot of Easy Screen Recorder:

Easy Screen Recorder

Easy Screen Recorder


  • Record audio with the video
  • Be able to select the source of audio, for example: microphone, mixer of the sound card, multiple sound cards are supported in case you have more than one
  • 3 type of recordings are supported: by selected area, selected window or full screen.
  • Record the video in mp4 or swf format
  • Define the frame rate of recording
  • Specify the folder to save the recorded video
  • A nice timestamped file name will be auto generated for the recorded video

Download now to start use the Easy Screen Recorder, and you are welcome to leave a comment below:

free video cutter

Free video cutter is a tool that could be used to cut videos, remove the unwanted content in the beginning or end to make a good quality video.
Download locally:
Or you can also download from cnet:
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Here is the screenshot:

Free video cutter

Free video cutter

Here is a list of features:

  • Drag and drop support, you can drag the video file into the app, it will pick up the file you want to cutter
  • Easy to use drag bar for you to select the piece of video you want
  • Image preview of the position you set
  • Besides drag on the position bar to select the range you want to cut, you can also specify the range in unit of seconds in the textbox (for precisely manually override, ideal for long duration video, also is a fail safe measure)
  • Based on well known ffmpeg, almost all video format could be support. And not just limited to videos, it could also used to cut the audio files
  • Image preview is precisely to the delta frames, not just key frames
  • Cutting progress display to better track of the progress, you can also stop the process in the middle if you changed your mind
  • Auto generate the result file name based on your file selection, save you from as much work as possible
  • Unicode filename supported

This free video cutter is based on ffmpeg.

If you find a problem during use, you are welcome to leave a comment below to let me know. And any feedback is welcome, so that we can make this software better.

Download locally:
Also download is available at cnet:
Get it from CNET Download.com!

New UI of youtube

Youtube has updated to a new design of UI, along with other products of google like: adsense, analytics, webmaster tools, gmail.

new ui youtube

The most significant change is the background, it’s no longer white, replaced with a texture based background image, seems more visual appealing.

Besides color change, it has also changed the index page design, it’s 3 column design now, and the video list is displayed vertically one after another, instead of pile the video from left to right, and have the category list on the left column.

When click on the category tab, it loads the list by ajax, but the url in the address bar doesn’t change, it makes you can’t track the action by url in this part. And only a few videos in the category get displayed. So the only purpose is as a quick view of the content in the category, for the deep in video search, you still need to go for the Browse button on the top bar, or do  some Search, that makes you able to dig deep inside the huge base of youtube videos.

So the index is mainly focus on casual video experience. If you already have something to look for in you, you will go for google search, youtube’s own search or specialized built in youtube browse feature.

I think the whole idea should be let user find what they want to find easily, efficiently. This is also the golden rule that the technology is heading. With so many videos in youtube, it’s already been a great role in internet, all kind of music, cultures mix. Besides the knowlege in printed books, online video is becoming another solid way for sharing knowledge: knowledge in sound,light form compensate in the text form.

download youtube video for permanent backup

Once upon a time, you will find some video on youtube is very good, you really like it, but it’s possible that some time when you have no internet access, and then you can’t watch the video.

The solution for this is to download the video into your computer, and from there, you can do format conversion or copy to your mobile phone or other devices, enable you to watch freely, no bandwidth or inaccessibility worries.

To download the youtube video, you can use Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader, it’s current in version 2.0, you can download here to try out free. The good thing about it is: it’s free to use, and you can stay free without purchase and use any longer you want, there is really no time limitation on it and very easy to use. And also it built in with the video format converter and http proxy support, really sweet.

Here is a screenshot of it:

Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader

A quick tutorial:
To start download:

  1. Copy the url of you youtube video you want to download, for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgW7or1TuFk
  2. Start the Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader, and it will monitor the clipboard to auto paste the url into the download box
  3. Click the download button and it will start downloading.

To convert video format automatically after finish downloading:
Select the desired format from drop down list before click the download button. By default, if you selected a format other than the original format, you can also optionally ask Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader to keep the original format but check the “Keep original flv/mp4 check box”.

To convert a file already on the local computer:
Go to Convert tab in the window, select the file and hit convert button.

To download other quality of the video, for example: 360p, 1080p, etc:
Select the quality you want in the quality drop down list, before click the download button


  • As you can see from the screen shot, it’s verty easy to use: copy a youtube url, click download button, that’s it.
  • It can convert to other video formats after download: Avi, Mpg, Mp4, Wav, Mp3
  • Convert file already exists on your computer
  • Minmize to system tray when downloading, save screen space
  • Support http proxy, to best fit your network speed
  • Download/Convert multiple videos at the same time
  • HD video support, you can specify the video quality when download. HD supported: 720P, 1080P, and 3072P if the specific video has such quality available
  • Clipboard monitor, auto paste the youtube video url into download box
  • Download list right click menu support

Download free now and start using it:

For more details, check out homepage of: Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader