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programmer’s blog with good stuff and a list of great tools&library

List of programmer’s blog with cool stuff
Some .net related good posts:
Graphical programmer:
Great .net programmer writes excellent codeproject article:

List of platform:
Open slim:

List of tools:
ilmerge, merge .net dll and exe into one:
windows api monitor:

List of library:
Take directx and multimedia api to .net:
GraphicsMagick is a folk of ImageMagick, it’s an image manipulation library, speed faster and size smaller than ImageMagick:

synthesia, on screen midi keyboard and even more:

install and config exim4 on debian

Sometimes when sendmail is not available, and build&install from source code would take quite some time. We can fall back to exim4 simply.

To install exim4:
apt-get install exim4

Config exim4 after installed:
dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
It takes quite a few steps to finish the process, but doable, could be done below 5 minutes.

firefox doesn’t allow access to websites with cert problem

Firefox doesn’t allow you access to a website with problem of the http certificate.
This is good to avoid man in the middle attack, someone in the middle tap in the communication between you and the server.
But if you just want to visit the site, not so care of the security issues, you have to add it’s certificate into your trusted certificate store, this actually compromises the security.
Although internet explorer has been criticized of all the bad of don’t comply with the web standards, it does a good job on the same scenario, it will simply display a warning message and allows you to click on a link to visit the site anyway. User get proper warned and still able to visit the site without the need to add the certificate under question.

Firefox has been identified with the issue to the current version I am using: 13.0.1, screenshot:

Mork audio player 1.2

Mork audio player 1.2 is available for download

Mork Audio Player is different!

  • Easy control for live sound venues – such as supermarkets, schools, medical centers and care centers (eg. elderly, rehabilitation and kindergartens)
  • Very suitable for Karaoke venues, where a clear and larger graphical user interface is required
  • Very good for foreign language learners, where MP3 teaching files often stretch over 10 minutes in duration
  • Great for just playing music! You will not be pestered to subscribe to Download Music Stores



  • New name: Mork audio player 1.2
  • UI changes, thanks Glen for all the work provided


knowledge could be apply to change the port of pptp

pptp is easier to setup and use, here is information useful to change the port:
the client config is to tweak a registry value: TcpPortNumber, for detail google search the content with the value.

and this the info used to tweak the pptpd port on the linux server with iptable:

Also here is a guide on the command line tool in windows to trouble shoot the network issues:
Command-line utilities:

what’s going on with the pc sound playback and recording

Here is a nice graph showing how all the sound sources are take in and mixed, and recorded on the pc:

For more details, can dig in here:

The article also mentioned this:

Starting from Windows Vista and 7 new sound API model was introduced. There is no stereo mix or mono mix. Instead every playback device can be opened in loopback recording mode, so you can record what you hear from your speakers, headphones, digital output etc. Even if your audio card does not support it, Windows will emulate this functionality.

Seems like can record without a mixer, need some test to confirm this. And it does mention a list of software can recorder the sound without a sound card mixer:

Software for recording without Sound card mixer on Windows

* Freecorder 4 (freeware)
* Replay Music,
* Replay Media Catcher,
* Replay AV,
* Replay Video Capture,
* WM Capture
* VirtualAudioCable