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Video To Gif

Video to gif is a tool to convert a small portion of video clip into gif animation. From there, you can post to forum or send to friends to show off something fun.
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video to gif

video to gif

How to use:

  1. Select the video file you want to convert to gif.
  2. And then choose the start time and end time in the video that you want to convert to the gif. You can use the text box to fine tune the time for the region of the video.
  3. Change the fps value to specify how many frames a second that you want to have your gif to play at. The smaller the fps value is, the slower the animation will appear.
  4. If you don’t want all the frames, select from “use every x frames” drop down list to skip a few frames. Be aware that if you skip more frames, the faster the animation will appear. You’d better reduce the fps value to compensate for the frames you skipped here.
  5. Finally, use the drag bar to resize and set for the size of the final gif.
  6. Click the “Start” button to start create the gif, the gif will be auto named with the same name as your input video file and will be created in the same directory. If the conversion success, you can click on the file name to open the folder.

Cautious: The more frames you want to pack into the gif and the bigger size you specified for the gif, the longer time it will take to create the gif. So be prepared to wait for several minutes or even tens of minutes if this is your case.


  • drag and drop to specify the beginning and end of the video portion you want to convert to the gif
  • be able to fine tune the start and end of the video with text box
  • be able to specify the fps value that gif will be played back
  • be able to skip a few frames if not all that is useful
  • resize to the desired size for gif
  • preview of the frames
  • auto create the name of the gif file

Download below and start to use it now. Also feel free to leave comment below.
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Computer Auto Shut Down 2.1 with command line support

Computer Auto Shut Down 2.1 has released with the support of command line interface, here is the command line paramter:
[-action poweroff | hibernate | sleep | logoff | reboot] [-t “minutes to shutdown”] [-help|-h]
For example to hibernate 30 minutes later please run:
autoshutdown -action hibernate -t 30

download youtube video for permanent backup

Once upon a time, you will find some video on youtube is very good, you really like it, but it’s possible that some time when you have no internet access, and then you can’t watch the video.

The solution for this is to download the video into your computer, and from there, you can do format conversion or copy to your mobile phone or other devices, enable you to watch freely, no bandwidth or inaccessibility worries.

To download the youtube video, you can use Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader, it’s current in version 2.0, you can download here to try out free. The good thing about it is: it’s free to use, and you can stay free without purchase and use any longer you want, there is really no time limitation on it and very easy to use. And also it built in with the video format converter and http proxy support, really sweet.

Here is a screenshot of it:

Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader

A quick tutorial:
To start download:

  1. Copy the url of you youtube video you want to download, for example:
  2. Start the Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader, and it will monitor the clipboard to auto paste the url into the download box
  3. Click the download button and it will start downloading.

To convert video format automatically after finish downloading:
Select the desired format from drop down list before click the download button. By default, if you selected a format other than the original format, you can also optionally ask Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader to keep the original format but check the “Keep original flv/mp4 check box”.

To convert a file already on the local computer:
Go to Convert tab in the window, select the file and hit convert button.

To download other quality of the video, for example: 360p, 1080p, etc:
Select the quality you want in the quality drop down list, before click the download button


  • As you can see from the screen shot, it’s verty easy to use: copy a youtube url, click download button, that’s it.
  • It can convert to other video formats after download: Avi, Mpg, Mp4, Wav, Mp3
  • Convert file already exists on your computer
  • Minmize to system tray when downloading, save screen space
  • Support http proxy, to best fit your network speed
  • Download/Convert multiple videos at the same time
  • HD video support, you can specify the video quality when download. HD supported: 720P, 1080P, and 3072P if the specific video has such quality available
  • Clipboard monitor, auto paste the youtube video url into download box
  • Download list right click menu support

Download free now and start using it:

For more details, check out homepage of: Tomatosoft Youtube Downloader

download Computer Auto Shutdown Pro 2.0

Computer Auto Shutdown Pro 2.0

Computer Auto Shutdown Pro 2.0

Computer Auto Shutdown Pro 2.0 has released. With this new release, besides the shutdown feature exists in the previous version, you can also do: Hibernate, Sleep, Log off, Reboot. For full spec, please check here.

It is download-able as a shareware, default to be a free version, you can use it any long without time limitation. But limited to the shutdown feature, without the Hibernate etc features. And after a very cheap $4.99 purchase, you can unlock with an activation code into pro version, have the all the features available.

To start using it, download here.

If you have any problem or want to add some more features, leave a comment below.