play with directshow graph editor

Directshow has a built in graph editor with it to play with the directshow graph.
With it, you can see what the graph looks like in other direct show apps
Or you can build one graph of you own, for example: create your own playback graph for audio/video files or some graph to capture audio/video files.

how to use:
you should have windows sdk installed, once installed, run “graphedt” from the console window.

Here is a graph I build to record pcm audio from microphone and write to a file: test.avi on my hard drive.

Most of the existing filters are decoding oriented, if your work is encoding, not much choices there, you need to find your own encoders, or even give up doing it through direct show. For example, the mp3 encoder is not well supported, and even it is supported, the quality is at 22.05khz 56kbps, not a good quality for music. If you need to encode mp3 at 44.1khz 128kbps,you can use this free mp3 recorder

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      That’s right, but directshow could also do intelligent connection to figure out the filter required to render the stream.


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