New interface of google analytics

Google has been developing new interface of google analytics for a while, I have switch to test the new interface before, but found some features missing and really can’t get used to the new design so I switched back to older version.

new interface of google analyticsRecently, for some reasons like error or they intended, when I was using old version, it automatically switches me over to the new version. Since it’s been a while, I can dig in to see what has changed.
After 2 days using it, I am start to getting used to it, but it does take some learning curve to figure out where is the link you used to click in the older interface. During my use, I can find all the links that’s doing the same work as in the older version, and since they are going to move to new interface, I think there will be no reason for me to switch back. Also they got a few deep analysis features added in, like trace the user’s landing page, 2nd page, etc, really awesome. And if your site has a big traffic hit, they also have a real time visitor graph to display the real time users on the site, very cool, wish my site could have so many users to make use of this cool feature.


  1. New interface is not as familiar as the older interface, you need to take a little time to find out where those links do the same time in the older interface, but it does add some cool features you may like.
  2. I don’t see why they are using orange now.
  3. As the time of writing, it is still beta, so could tolerate some looking issues like text not well aligned, wrap to the next line, and too much space in the menu items.
  4. I will still use this great tool.

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