Hard disk prices doubled, an opportunity for SSD?

As the analysis goes here: http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2011/11/07/hard-disk-component-supply-could-take-years/1, especially when it says: “Largely unaffected by the Thai floods, the sit’s sources suggest that SSD-equipped PCs and laptops, in particular ultrabooks, could see a boost in sales with the supply of hard disks proving to be non-existent“.

I think the fact the hdd supply stops, more demand will goes to SDD, although it’s price is still maybe 20 timer higher, it does stimulate the buy desire while people thinking of spend of almost the same price could get a SSD to try out the lighting boot up speed, especially it could boot ready into windows in less than 10 seconds. As the rule of computer production apply, when SSD goes in mass production, the price will easy go down to the acceptable level. The overall effect will make the storage device transits to SSD happen faster, boost the earlier phase out of the mechanic/magnetic storage device. Just like what has happened to page, tape, floppy disk.

The rule above all this is, as long as something is important has value in it, it attracts more people’s attention and the technology in that area could advance rapidly and the price will drop. And soon, many people would have one of them, this is a good rule which makes our world advance.

I wonder why this pattern or rule won’t apply to the oil or coal, which is powering the world today. Maybe it would be apply if we can find another way to harvest the energy, not the from fossil legacy, not by nuclear plant. What a wonderful world it will be if the power will be free or really cheap and no carbon dioxide emission as the by product.

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