View the waveform with Pc Audio Visualizer

Pc Audio Visualizer is a  freeware/software to visualize the audio played on the pc. It takes audio from sound card so any audio played on the computer could be captured.
It displays the waveform of the sound, it’s fun to find out how the waveform behaves when different kind of sound is played: music, voice, song, music instrument, etc…

To get started

It’s designed to be running when you start it. If it’s not, you can select the device from the settings section and choose the source of the audio feed.

The FPS (frame per second) is about how many sample of sound to capture a second, for each sample it captures, it will display a pixel wide bar on the waveform screen as you see. You can drag over or simply use up/down ticker to set a value you want, feel free adjust and would be fun.

Stop button will flip the running and stop status of the waveform display.


  1. Waveform visualizer of left/right channel
  2. Device selection, and source selection to choose from “mixer” or “microphone” or other sources.
  3. Always on top to avoid to be covered by other window.
  4. Sample value display and vertical bar instant graphic display
  5. winxp, win7 supported

Download free and start using it now:
Need more features? Leave a comment below.

16 thoughts on “View the waveform with Pc Audio Visualizer

  1. Bruce Scott

    We recently installed a recording studio at our facilities. Your Audio Visualizer is an excellent tool to keep an eye on all of our audio cards (input or output) to prevent distortion and keeping levels correct. Great software!!! Would love to see more when available! Thanks again!

  2. Daniel

    Hey, I’d like a Version that Visualize it in a more Media-Player-like way.. in Columns or colored waves.. something that is nice to look at, furthermore i’d like the option to open it in full screen, but with “always in background” enabled..
    I’m using two screens at my PC and i would like to use it one the Second Screen, as some type of Desktop Background..
    I hope you know what I mean. I’m studying Informatics so if you like to send me the source instead of implementing it yourself, that would be fine for me as well.
    It’s just for private and not for commercial or public purpose.

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  4. Connor

    Need a way to adjust the scale. Even tho my system is loud just a small red beam shows up. (Yes I have the correct Source, I can see small changes, but it’s very flat :(

    Yes I’d also tried messing with my volume and the only way to get anything to really show up is to crank everything to max… far too loud :)

    1. admin Post author

      yes, the waveform is displayed in linear, so if the digital output is small while you have a big amplifier in between, the small digital signal could be heard as if it’s normal.

      A way to fix is to turn down your amplifier.
      And I can also add a logarithm display, so it will display the small signal better.

  5. Roman Hocke

    Hi, thanks for this *great* software! I use it to test alarm sound in a web application that I develop (I would go mad if I listen to that alarm 100x per day and so would my co-workers :-)

  6. Mohammad Othman

    Hi , it is so good but it will be better if you add record option and real time record then it will be useful for many projects.


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