Convert images to ico format with Free Ico Converter

Convert your images to ico format
Please use Free Ico Converter


Free Ico Converter can be used to convert image files to ico format.
It supports all the main image formats. It’s an all in one ico converter and can be used as:
png to ico converter
jpg to ico converter
jpeg to ico converter
gif to ico converter
bmp to ico converter
and more…
You can design your icon image in your favorite tool and then use this Free Ico Converter to convert into ico format, very convenient.

To get started

You can click “select file” button to select the file and click on “convert” button to start conversion or simply click on the convert button (it will detect if you already have a file name in the text box and will prompt you to select a file if haven’t). The converted file will in the same folder as the original file


  1. Drag & drop supported
  2. Always on top option to be used as an always ready converter
  3. Automatic file name collision detect and rename to avoid overwrite
  4. Option to open the folder of the converted file
  5. Convert ico files in batch mode
  6. Auto generate the target ico file name

Download free now and start using it:
Need more features? Leave a comment below.

23 thoughts on “Convert images to ico format with Free Ico Converter

  1. Jae Lee

    great work! But could you make it to where you can convert multiple icons at once??????? :) Thanks!

  2. Sanne

    Its a very handy tool, I use it all the time :)

    If I could pick one new feature, it would be the ability to “batch process” multiple images into icons. I have a bunch of PNG’s that I want to convert without getting jagged edges or trashing the alphachannel. So far your converter is the only one I found that doesn’t butcher PNG’s, but having to convert them one by one is very tedious. If its not too much trouble, batch processing would be very welcome :)

    Also: it would save some keystrokes if the converter copies the name from the original image when saving it as an icon, rather than having the user type it by hand. Is this possible?

    Keep up the great work!

      1. tj

        I want to download this, but also need to do a LOT at once – when will this happen??

        thanks and look forward to it :)

  3. nick

    Excellent product, very easy to use. It is now easier to see what I want on my desktop shortcuts.
    I can donate or if you want me to knock up some help text for you (HTML/PDF for free) please contact me.

  4. Paul Pierce

    I would like ICO to make the background transparent, like Microsoft Picture Manager. If I first remove the background using the picture manager, and then ICO the background is no longer transparent. Picture manager will not convert to ICO. So I cannot see a way to get the ICON with a transparent background.

    1. admin Post author

      If you can remove the background before load it into the ico converter, then the result will have transparent background. But thanks about it, I will think about the feature in the new version.

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  7. matti

    For some reason, it appears as if you can only convert images that are no bigger than 256x256px and anything larger will be scaled down to that size. Is there any possibility that you might consider updating it to accept/convert larger images (for example 512x512px, etc). Thank you! Great App Otherwise!!!

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  11. Monica Jae

    thanks so much for creating a converter that saves to format higher than 64×64! i love this program because I can do just that!! a million zillion thanks

  12. Alice

    It’s really great, I love it… I would be awesome if you can make it has a convert command in context menu!! Thank you


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